Rain Without Rain Drops.

We used to walk together, holding hands, by the beach side, counting our footsteps on the sands, enjoying the waves and the scenery, but I can’t enjoy this luxury any more, you stole it away from me, forever buried in the sands of time.

Stealthily, like a leopard stealing the young one of the she-goat, you took things precious to us.

You invade, not like day break, but like an angry mob of rainy clouds, attacking the clear lit sky.

We watch the ones we cherish perish. Watching them as they walk away from us, disappearing into the horizon, never to be seen again.

We try to call, it’s like a distance call, more like the farm boys call to the plane he sees above him.

We don’t know when you will come visiting, for you are the visitor who comes uninvited. A guest we refuse to host.

Take your leave, for ever and never come back, until it’s time, when we have done our best on this side.

– A. A Mudi.


(c) apotheosis. 2019.




• Some are hurt, they have never tasted what true love is.

• Some have seen real love, but never recognized it, because they expected more, no contentment.

• Some have loved hard, and that love was not reciprocated.

• Some feel your partner must love you more than you love them.

• Some don’t even know what love is.

• Some run away from it, because they know how much it hurts.

• Love is just strange, no one can really understand it.

• At first it intoxicates, another time it suffocates.

• Love is strange, it may have no range, its book may have no pages, though it grows and walks through stages, not just two, but enough to last for ages, Its melody excites all ages.

• What will you do when it finally catches up with you?

• Some take the love of those who really love them for granted and look for love elsewhere.

• Some can’t even wait for love to grow, demanding that marriage is the next option.

• How has love treated you? How is it treating you?

• Written by Yue-Lao.


© apotheosis. 2019.

Fela; Legend, Icon & President.

Fela, as we all know him as, was not just a musician, he was like a president to us. He is an Icon. A legend, a landmark.

A “cultural heavy weight.” Fela Anikulapo Kuti. The president of Kalakuta republic, he was among those men who thought beyond the leaders of Nigeria (he is still among them, though today he screams from a million miles away), like the Biafra story, Fela wanted Nigeria to be free, but the leaders of our country as at that era did not understand him, so they pursued, harassed and even hurt his dear mother. His songs, his lyrics are spotted all over with his story. Like the leopards spots, you can’t erase it off the skin of his music, his story and his spirit.

Though Fela was a controversial figure, many may not have loved his style, but many more love his art, his spirit and his message.

God placed Fela in the midst of Nigerians at a period when the people needed a voice, and a voice was he, a voice that irritated the ears of those who sat on high places, a voice that caused the whole nation to dance, a voice that created Afrobeats, along side his drummer, Tony Allen, a voice that still lives on and speaks for every Nigerian, every black man and any one in the universe who desires true freedom.

My generation may not have enjoyed him original, but we learn from him, we study his style and draw wisdom from it. That’s what a wise generation should do, learn from the icons of the previous generations, put the lessons into practice and save the next generation from too much “suffer head.”

He openly insults the leaders, a sin many call it, but great men speak against rotten leadership, Bob Marley speaks againts it, Jesus speaks against it, let great men take this path, it is not meant for all of us, just a few great ones.

His sounds have come to stay forever. He decided to do music over medicine, we thought he was mad, now his music is medicine for our aching hearts, and we realise our folly and scream! We were mad!

Fela left something people loved for him, to something he loved. That single decision placed him on the path to greatness.

There are decisions you must make that must always be at loggerheads with the interests of those around you. Many times we have to follow our hearts, though the words of people may not always rhyme with the rhythm of your heart.

His message remains with us forever, he has taught us and we are learning. We honor him by upholding any thought that advocates freedom.

• Written by A. A Mudi.



© apotheosis. 2019.


Have you ever wondered if failure has any importance? Why do people even fail? As horrible as the idea of failing is, it is important to overlook it’s scary side and understand it’s importance to your existence.

“Think of it this way: There are two kinds of failure. The first comes from never trying out your ideas because you are afraid, or because you are waiting for the perfect time. This kind of failure you can never learn from, and such timidity will destroy you. The second kind comes from a bold and venturesome spirit. If you fail in this way, the hit that you take to your reputation is greatly outweighed by what you learn. Repeated failure will toughen your spirit and show you with absolute clarity how things must be done. ~ Robert Greene.

The presence of the element called failure in our clime as humans is never arbitrary, it is here for many reasons, reasons you must understand if you want to utilize the energy of failure for your own good.

“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.” – Dale Carnegie.

Many have failed, and afterwards remained the same, doing the same things they did before failure came upon them. If failure does not teach you, then you may not understand how to recognize success.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield.

Many foolish ones have cursed failure, saying it comes from the devil. They have refused to learn their failures and learn from them.

The fear of failure has threatened the birth of many excellent ideas. Good men have taken wonderful ideas with them to the grave because they feared failure.

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” – Janet Fitch.

Do you also want to be counted among the folks who allowed the conquerable fear of failure rob them of the opportunity to show the world how unique they are?

You should pursue excellence, but you must also put into consideration the fact that things might not always go the way you planned them.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” – Denis Waitley.

Haven heard these words my friends, who have you decided to be? The one who charges forth or the one who hides in his hole?

• Photo credit: Laura Geror (unsplash).

• Written by Ayinla Daniel.




(c). Apotheosis. 2019

Dead Little Birdie.

I found a little birdie on my corridor screaming out loud, its feathers were wet, it could not fly, maybe it fell off it’s nest, or the wind threw it down. It’s parents may be looking for it, wondering were their little one is.

I picked it, wrapped it in my palm, though it was trying to get away from me, you know, that natural fear of humans encoded in its bird DNA. But I was only trying to help it, trying to give it some more time to enjoy the earth.

I made a makeshift house for it from a small box in my room, placed the little fella in it, for it to rest.

The next morning I was awakened by it’s movement in the box, it’s struggle for freedom, so I opened the box, brought it out, took it outside and set it free.

As I write, I still hear it’s chirps as it calls out to maybe it’s parents that it’s back.

The need for Freedom is inbuilt in every living organism, but maybe not all organisms were built to live free.

… I saw it this morning, that little bird that wanted its freedom, dead. It was dead, freedom killed it.

Freedom will kill, if one does not understand what it means to be in prison, the reason why you have been captive. Entering the atmosphere of freedom without adequate knowledge about the dynamics of freedom will still leave you a captive of your ignorance.

Some are captives today so that they learn and grow. Perhaps freedom comes and these lot will appreciate it better. Not the fellow who never tasted captivity, he handles his freedom carelessly.


Written by A. A Mudi.

(C) apotheosis

Have You Seen The Woman Who Begged Me For Money To Buy Pampers For Her Baby?

It was a cool evening, dusk had fallen, the street was still much alive with activities, I was at the front of my house, trying to get some air, watching people coming and going, when I was suddenly interrupted by a woman, carrying a baby on her back; old clothes, unmade hair, dark skinned, and one thing that stood out of all these physical descriptions was the look in her eyes, it was weak but with hope, faint but still full of life.

At first when she approached me, I felt a little bit uncomfortable by her presence and sudden approach, but I adjusted quickly, her request almost made me cry, she asked me for 50 naira to buy pampers for her baby, at that point in time, my wallet was not very healthy though, but I was glad to bring out a 100 naira bill and handed it over to her, she took it, thanked me, and turned to leave, walking to a shop in front of me to get the pampers.

I watched her, as she bought it, and as she was about leaving, she waved at me, and I waved back, watching her as she joined the other street people, lost in thoughts with my heart really heavy, at that moment, lost in thoughts.

Only God knows who she was, where she was coming from or where she was headed. My joy was that I could at least be of help at that moment. I secretly felt sad, bitter, that I could not do much more, not just to give more naira bills, but to rescue her completely from her situation. But alas! I can’t, but may be you can.

So I say a simple farewell to the woman with the baby on her back begging for money to buy her little one pampers.

Written by Ayinla Daniel.

Photo credit: pixabay.




(c) apotheosis. 2019.

The Space Above The Clouds.

Why do I feel like the space above the clouds?

Why am I seeing things in different shades of blue and white?

Why does everything taste like water?

Why do I hear different sounds but can’t make meaning out of it?

Why does my skin feel slippery?

My thoughts answered;
you stared at the sky for too long
and forgot the warnings
that’s why you feel all these
The rain is on you now.

Created by Illicinto.




(c) apotheosis. 2019.


The legend, Chinua Achebe, when describing his father in his book “the British protected child, dropped wisdom that men who are wise should behold and bask in the sweetness of what this great man wrote.

He said “…His great gifts to me were his appreciation for education, and his recognition that whether we look at one human family or we look at human society in general, growth can come only incrementally, and every generation must recognize and embrace the task it is peculiarly designed by history and by providence to perform…”

Each generation is specially designed to carry out a unique function. In each generation is the requirement needed to elicit a particular kind of change in their time. There are contributions each generation must make to humanity.

It is a painful sight to behold, a generation that fails it’s time, one that refuses to make its own contributions to time, leaving the next generation with a greater burden.

Did yesterday’s generations do their job? Are we suffering from cumulation of undone jobs, jobs previous generations did not do.

And alas, we are also a lazy breed of people. We do not know that a whole lot rests on our shoulders. In what ever area you find your self, you must know why you are there. No tree stands where it is today by mistake, every tree is planted for a reason.

Look inside you, there’s ‘soo’ much beauty in you. The world has not seen what is inside you. If your generation fails you, you must not fail the next.

Piece created by A.A.M.

March to Freedom {The Igbo Landing story}.

The black mind has fought slavery from time immemorial. We are not strangers to the fight against slavery, the struggle against this hideous hydra is not a recent one, it is a struggle that has existed, our fathers fought it, many years back, in many ways. From Garvins revolution, to Martin Luther Kings debates, and going back further into the twisted fabrics of time, to the mysterious story of the “Igbo Landing.”

Let me narrate to you what rings in my own soul, let me play the music to your ears my friends, and I hope you will understand, and start your own journey towards freedom, like I did.

Men and women of black origins, hear me and hear me well, you are not inferior because you are from black roots. You were not created to occupy the rear, the back, below were no one throws any form of attention at.

We are not opening old wounds, but learning from old history. We are not digging up the buried corpses, but we are digging for wisdom, wisdom to help us and our unborn generation, they must learn freedom. They must learn to be independent, for in the spirit of independence lies the discovery of ones own perculiar might.

You know the Igbos are a wonderful set of people, I believe they are west Africans most independent clans. Their level of resistance to oppression in any form is always palpable at all times.

Some say it is folklore, some say it happened, but I love to call it reality. Reality doesn’t have to be real to be adored, it just needs to contain enough wisdom to instruct the wise.

The slave masters watched them as they matched into the waters, both old and young, singing one song, with one spirit, as they died one death.

“The Water Spirit brought us, the Water Spirit will take us home” was the song these fighters sang as they matched to their life, not their death, they set themselves free, free forever.

Written by Ayinla Daniel.




( C ) apotheosis. 2019

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