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Together we are learning the art & science of writing & reading.


What We Do

We write. From copywriting to creative writingblog posts for blogs, articles & essays etc. If we can not do the work for you, we can get someone or an agency that can do it. If you want samples of our works, the landscape of this blog is filled with all our works – it’s our portfolio.

We read. If you have something you would like us to read, we will be glad to read it for you, and of course create summaries. You just buy us a cup of coffee [winks].

We learn, and in learning we desire to love more and in loving we want to make the best out of living. We want you to join our adventure, what say you?

Why You’ll Love Us

You will love us because we love the art – the art of writing & reading.

Most Recent Articles

    “Living Is Hard Work. If You Know How To Do It, You Are Awesome.” Ayinla Daniel Hey there, how are you doing today? I never thought I was going to write anything today, but alas, here I am, sitting on […]
  • Welcome To The Year After 2020 | Ayinla Daniel
    “This tells us a lot about the mechanism of life. You never can tell what the next turn would look like. If an asteroid was going to fall from the sky and kill you, or something. No one knows. It ‘tuned’ me, recalibrated my perspective.”
  • Christmas – I Ate A Half Chicken | Harmattan Haze
    This season is pregnant with so much stories. What’s your own story? We want to hear it.

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